Unisource CMP, LLC is the exclusive manufacturer for ‘The Kitchen Prep’ for all of Europe, Asia, and North America. The product was first introduced to the USA market in 2006 by our USA business partner.


Unisource’s business partner is a 30 year old USA manufacturing and distribution company dealing in products and services related to the building industry with a focus on built-in products and security systems.


‘The Kitchen Prep’ is a built-in food processing system that eliminates the need for multiple appliances, frees up counter and cupboard space and lends a contemporary look to your kitchen while making food and drink preparation easier than ever.


Enjoy ‘The Kitchen Prep’ and look for even more attachments in the near future!


For interest in representing Unisource and ‘The Kitchen Prep’ product line as an agent or distributor please contact Nancy, our Manager of Operations: